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Name:JC "Jazz" Lawson
Birthdate:Nov 30
Location:Upper East Side, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Jasmine Christine ("Jazz") Lawson ♥ [personal profile] heartsonfire

Jasmine Christine Lawson was the epitome of "born with a silver spoon in her mouth". She was bred on the Upper East Side of New York City just a stone's throw from Fifth Avenue. Her mother was a desperate housewife whose entire existence revolved around shopping, going to day spas, lunching with her posse of fellow desperate housewives, and contemplating plastic surgery. Her father a CEO of an international business corporation. Jasmine is an only child of the marriage due to the sole fact her mother hated what pregnancy did to her body and she vowed never to have another baby, but she has two half brothers, Stephen and Kevin, who were products of her father's many affairs.

Jasmine, who dislikes her name with a passion and prefers to go by "Jazz", is the apple of her father's eye but he never had enough time for her growing up. Her mother palmed her off to a nanny who basically raised her, and she valued her time with her father when he was available, but she was independent from a young age. She grew up in the same neighbourhood as Austin and Angel Shaw, and they sort of adopted them as honorary siblings. They went to the same private school and became inseparable. She was a lot closer to Austin than Angel, though. Angel was always off in his own little musician's world and she was basically tone deaf except for enthusiastic, yet quite bad, tipsy Karaoke.

Like Austin, Jazz knew from relative early in her teens that she wasn't into boys like her other female pals were. It was Austin who asked her in his own unsubtle way whether she might be a lesbian, and he hit the nail on the head. Once she realised the fact, she began to explore the concept more and lost her virginity to a girl when she was 16. She's never slept with a guy and has never felt the urge. She loves hanging out with guys and has a lot of male friends, but she's gay through and through. Her career was another thing she never really conformed with. Her father wanted her to get into the family business and do a Business degree at college before being handed a shiny corporate position on a platter of her choosing. She would have rathered beaten herself to death with a giant penis. This was exactly what she told her father too, who was shocked but realised he had no control over his daughter and couldn't expect her to follow in his footsteps when he hadn't had enough time for her growing up. Her mother just rolled her eyes and called her an embarrassment to the family name being not only a lesbian, but headed for poverty.

Jazz still had a thread feminism to her, though. She still loved some of the materialistic things she had growing up and wasn't the epitome of a rebellious ungrateful brat. She loved fashion, probably stemming from her lesbro being a total fabulous fashionista headed for big things in the fashion world, and she loved going shopping with him. She also loved writing and ended up using some of her connections to score an internship with a fashion magazine when she was just fresh out of high school. She went through a journalism degree at college, and started freelancing with fashion journalism. But her heart wasn't completely in it. She liked getting her hands dirty and always wanted to do something more. It was a hard toss up between a cop, a paramedic or a firefighter, and despite her father telling her he would never not worry about her in a job like that, she went on to be a part-time firefighter as well as keeping her job as a freelance writer, writing under pen-name "JC Lawson".

That was when she finally found her calling, but she's never found a girl that sets her heart racing as much as fighting fires in the Big Apple does. Maybe one day, but she's starting to believe that New York has quite the distinct dry run on single eligible lesbians these days and just has to settle for really good porn and perving on chicks in gay bars with her BFF, Austin. She fills her spare time with kickboxing, rock-climbing or surfing in the hotter weather, and loves to sky-dive and ski when she can get time away from both jobs simultaneously. She might look a bit like Malibu Barbi or a poor little rich girl destined to be a desperate housewife like her mother / something that belongs on Gossip Girl, but she's anything but. She'll kick anyone's ass who treats her or the people she cares about wrong, and she's never been afraid to speak her mind.

RP and muse journal only. Original Character for [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL.
PB is Loren Kemp. No infringement intended.

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